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Since I started my photography classes I’ve become more observant towards the things around me, specially people and their uniqueness. Personality is something that fascinates me, and  to be able to capture it in photos was something that I challenged myself to do, or try to do, this quarter. My idea of mixing photography and illustration comes from my passion for both, and nothing sounded better than to create a project about personality starting with my own. For each one of my pieces I chose a close friend, so this way I knew I could be completely honest about my perspective on their personalities. My process of creation started always with a conversation with my model/friend, where I first asked them to describe their own personality, and then I would explain my idea asking their permission to portrait the way I see them.

From the illustrations, the way I cropped and positioned my photos, to the colour choices I made in each piece, everything has a meaning and a why related to that person’s personality, and with that I hope to make whomever sees my work to feel and understand a bit what I feel about my close friends.


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